About Toptracer

Toptracer is a company based in Stockholm Sweden. Since the company was founded in 2006 our mission has been to elevate the experience of the great game of golf. We believe that helping golfers enjoy the game more, is an important factor for an industry that of late has faced a lot of challenges trying to maintain and attract new golfers.

The inception of Toptracer came from a Swedish golfer who had recently taken up the game - and was not altogether impressed with how golf was shown on TV (the Swedish winter is long, dark, cold and completely unoblivious to golfers’ passion). The main object of the game, the ball, was only visible on the green. Being a pretty poor putter himself, he wanted to ensure that the “game in the air” as Bobby Jones named it, was also made available to the viewer. Toptracer TV traces the flight of the a golfshot and gives the viewer a greater perception of how the Pros on TV control their shots. The world’s leading TV companies have since they were introduced to Toptracer used the technology in broadcast for major golfing events around the world like The Open Championship, PGA Championship, US Open and the Ryder Cup! We were very proud when the readers at golfweek.com in 2011 voted Toptracer number 1 in the category “coolest golf technology”. It was a great acknowledgment since it proved that Toptracer had elevated the TV experience for golf fans around the world.

Based on the knowledge we gained from our TV productions we soon realised were in control of a technology that could help golfers enjoy their practice sessions even more. Toptracer range technology offers range owners a solution that allow them to offer all of their visitors launch monitor information. Our focus is to help golfers sharpen their distance control and accuracy while having fun through addictive training and gaming aid.

We elevate the golf experience through technology that help golfers enjoy golf more!