Topgolf Partners with Course Owners

Published 02/05/2018
By Golf Business

They’ve been seen as a model to be emulated, but also as a competitor. Topgolf’s success has been nothing short of extraordinary. On a typical Saturday night, the line to get a hitting bay at any Topgolf facility can stretch outside the door. As late as 10 p.m., cars circle parking lots as customers try get inside. In the last decade, nothing in our game has come close in terms of profitability, creativity and market expansion.

However, most operators view Topgolf with a wary eye. They believe that every dollar the company earns is one less dollar available to a green-grass owner.

That’s no longer the case. Just over a year-and-a-half ago, Topgolf bought ProTracer, the technology used by broadcast networks to track professionals’ shots in real time. Now, the company has rebranded the technology TopTracer and introduced it to driving ranges throughout the world.