What is Toptracer?

Toptracer shows the flight path of golf balls with valuable shot data, whether in real-time tracking of televised pro tournaments or at the bay of your local range.

Toptracer History

The company was founded in 2006 with the goal to enrich the experience of watching golf on TV. By developing a unique software capable of tracking the flight of a golf ball in a camera feed, and adding graphics to make this visible on screen, Toptracer has achieved this. Several of the world’s largest broadcasting companies expressed interest, and soon Toptracer was being featured in TV coverage from the biggest golf tournaments in the world, such as The Open Championship and the Ryder Cup.

Toptracer Range

In 2012, we launched the first prototype of Toptracer Range, a system utilizing the original Toptracer TV technology to track and analyze golf shots on the a driving range. The result? More fun and rewarding practice sessions for players, and more golf balls sold for range owners.

Enhancing the game of golf on TV and at the range.

Our mission is to help people all over the world enjoy the wonderful game of golf even more with contributions in TV and driving range technology.