How golf should be watched.

Before Toptracer, the majority of air time was devoted to showcasing putts. As broadcasters were limited to showing tee shots by zooming in on golf balls flying through the air, lost were the nuances of shot trajectory and shape. Enter Toptracer. Through software capable of tracking the flight of a golf ball in a camera feed, and the addition of graphics to make this visible on screen, Toptracer has forever changed the golf viewing experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology

In addition to detecting the path of a golf ball, Toptracer’s custom-built sensor is able to provide real-time shot analytics, like ball speed, apex, curve, carry, and more. The 3D ball flight data can be integrated with virtual graphics to animate the trajectory in a side slab format, further enhancing the broadcast experience.

Endless Tracking Possibilities

The versatility of the technology allows it to be used anywhere on the course, in addition to tee shots. From driving range warm-up to the shots on the 18th green, Toptracer transforms how golf is watched by adding another dimension for viewers.

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