Topgolf may be coming to a driving range near you

Published 02/15/2018


In the not-so-distant future, your local driving range may no longer be a place where you buy a bucket, retreat to a bay and bang balls by your lonesome until the balls are gone. It may be a destination where you hang out with your buddies, eating, drinking and listening to music while smacking shots under the watch of ball-tracking cameras, in the glow of on-screen graphics that display r...

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Topgolf Partners with Course Owners

Published 02/05/2018

By Golf Business

They’ve been seen as a model to be emulated, but also as a competitor. Topgolf’s success has been nothing short of extraordinary. On a typical Saturday night, the line to get a hitting bay at any Topgolf facility can stretch outside the door. As late as 10 p.m., cars circle parking lots as customers try get inside. In the last decade, nothing in our game has come close in terms of...

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Toptracer Range may be more exciting than hitting at the range picker

Published 01/04/2018

By GolfWRX

Anyone who watches golf on television knows Toptracer. Founded by Daniel Forsgren in 2006 as Protracer, the company developed a unique software capable of tracking the flight of a golf ball in a camera feed and adding graphics to make ball flight visible on screen.

What you might not know, however, is that Topgolf bought Protracer in May 2016, rebranding the technology as Toptracer....

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Topgolf Enables Golfers To Play Famous Courses From The Driving Range

Published 11/29/2017

By SportTechie

Many golfers dream of playing Pebble Beach or Augusta National, but the reality is that only a lucky few will get to play Amen Corner or shank a drive into the Cali coast. If the real course is out of the question, Topgolf may be able to provide the next best thing. Using the same ball-tracking technology that is seen on TV broadcasts and in Topgolf centers, Toptracer Range allows gol...

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Can Topgolf rescue driving ranges?

Published 11/03/2017

By Scoregolf

The problem with your traditional driving range is the experience has not changed much. It suits core golfers and serious player types looking to improve their game but even that hardcore demographic is growing increasingly apathetic.

Help appears to be on the way. To the rescue of the range have come the innovative, entertainment-infused minds at Topgolf.

The Dallas-based...

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